On tour 2023 around the UK "Bring Back The 80s!"


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Also, here's some more lovely things that people have said about James:

"James sets the room alight like a pyromaniac in a fireworks shop!" Russell Kane

"James is one of the most original and fun MCs I've worked with!" - Dane Baptiste

"Proper funny! Made me howl laughing!" - Paul McCaffrey 

"Great set! Really funny!" - Nathan Caton 

"James is already big time!" - Paul Chowdhry 

"James Alderson is a joy to watch!" - Rob Riley

"F**cking brilliant!" - Sol Bernstein (Steve Jameson)

"James Alderson is one of those rarities in the comedy world. A naturally funny man! He has the ability to magic hilarity with a variety of wonderful jokes.." - John Marshall/Agraman (Buzz Comedy)

"A true comedy gem. Tore the roof off!" - Steyning Comedy Club

"James made what looked like an unplayable gig look easy!" - Joe Bromehead (Love Comedy)

"Spot on! Absolutely great!" - Aldershot Garrison (Officer's Mess)

"He simply oozes charm, wit and great, great jokes" - Pete K. Mally (author of "Waiting For The Punchline")

"James Alderson was simply hilarious....he deserves a biggger stage!" - The News, Portsmouth

"Our audience hung on James' every word. We loved him and can't wait to get him back again!" Cotswold Comedy Clubs

"James was absolutely brilliant! He judged the audience perfectly knowing exactly what buttons to push to make everyone laugh on queue. Would recommend him highly and would love to work with him for any future events we organise!" Sara Zafar (Glaxo Smithkline)

"James was a superb opener for the night - absolutely great! I think he gained many, many fans in Streatham last night!"Streatham Comedy Club 

"James Alderson is a terrific comedian who is our first choice for hosting and supporting our major events for our charity. Funny, engaging and adaptable to any audience, I would recommend him highly!" - Andy Williamson, Chief Executive, The Air Ambulance Service

"James did a fantastic job, and the audience warmed to him immediately - great work! We're looking forward to having him back soon." - Staffordshire University Student Union

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Rob Riley (promoter)

John Marshall (Agraman/Buzz Comedy)